Day 62 How to Cook A5 Wagyu Beef Filet Steak in Red Copper Pan:Wagyu Everyday Challenge ASMR #Shorts

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Steak No.132 (ASMR) A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Filet Steak 38g Cooked in a Red Copper Pan Handmade in Japan. Unintentional ASMR red copper pan review filmed and edited by iPhone 13 Pro Max Gold Camera
A5宮崎牛ヒレステーキ38g を銅フライパンで焼いてみた: ステーキの美味しい焼き方をアイフォン13プロMAXのカメラで撮って編集してみた! 毎日和牛焼くチャレンジ

Today’s Note:

A5 Wagyu filet tastes amazing no matter how you cook. The key is not to overcook.

Here’s how to cook thin Wagyu steaks with below 1.5cm thickness. Ex.) Sirloin.

Use a small pan, and adjust the size of the steak to fit in the center of the pan. The purpose Is to keep the pan’s surface temperature hot and make searing easy.

(Heat Control: Medium Heat)
1. Leave a steak at room temp for long in order to bring internal temp to around 28℃, to render fats and let the heat go through the steak evenly
2.Wipe the surface with paper towel
3.Season with salt just before sautéing
4.Heat any pan just smoking hot with pure Wagyu fat coating at medium heat
5. Put Wagyu at the center of the pan
6. Press gently to form even golden brown crust
7. Flip once the crust is formed: 45 seconds to 1 minute max
8. Sear the other side briefly for 30-45 seconds
9. Season with black pepper
10.Rest without foil for few minutes
11. Cut and serve
Unlike my other thicker Wagyu steak’s cooking method, this one gives up on losing its’ fat while sautéing on higher heat. Instead, it focuses on searing as fast as possible to form a golden brown crust. Plus, raising internal temp in advance to achieve perfect medium rare just by a one-time quick searing.

Resting in foil, in this case, does not only lose lots of its’ juice but also overcooks the inside. Simply resting on a cutting board for few minutes to stabilize juice is recommended.

*What I would do to the melted fat in the pan:
1.) sauté onion and mushroom steaks as a side.
2.) wipe it with Eringi Mushroom while sautéing and sauté it after.
3.) make stir fried rice

• Why I don’t baste Wagyu with butter
1.) oil melts in oil: What basting Wagyu does is losing lots of the most expensive Wagyu fat by melting in butter and covering it up with butter flavor. Since Wagyu fat has very low melting point, extra oil is an enemy. Well seasoned pan with thin oil coating on surface is all it needs. *For the same reason, occasionally wiping melted fat on the pan while sautéing is necessary because melted fat pool triggers lots of additional fat loss.
2.) butter overpowers Wagyu flavor.

•Traditional Japanese Condiment Options for Wagyu:
1.) super high quality sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and freshly grated wasabi
– Natural sea salt has slight bitterness, which brightens up steak’s umami. Wasabi’s acidity cut through fattiness.
2.) grated daikon ponzu
3.) mustard soy sauce
4.) wasabi soy sauce
5.) grated garlic soy sauce
6.) Japanese raw pasteurized egg yolk soy sauce *for thigh or tougher lean meat

(どんなフライパンでもいい/ 火加減は常に中火)
4. フライパンの中心にステーキを置き、中火のまま加熱
5. 綺麗に焼き色をつけるために、上から均等に軽く押す
6. 焼き色がついたら裏返し、裏側も同様に焼く
7. 胡椒する




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